Other sites are nice, but they weren't built for Camas

About Us.

Watchcamas.com is a place for us all to WATCH Camas - watch it thrive, watch it recover through unsure times but more than anything, it's a commitment to WATCH.
It's a place that aims to be your daily stop, to give you all the information you need to decide if anything in town needs a bit more attention from you that day. It's a tool built for us and by us, to preserve everything that's great about Camas. More than anything it's a platform for us to speak with a collective voice. 
Through a forum and a newspaper, we monitor, record and discuss what's happening in Camas. We create an undeniable record of fact, to repeat the truth back to those that may challenge.
This effort was borne of Camas' historic 90% movement. Camas chose that day in November, not to settle for less than it deserved as a city going forward. This website is yours - Yours to continue that movement, without any fear of deleted or altered conversations. When someone says, "Who are these Watch Camas people anyway?" You can reply, "I am."
WATCH Camas researches and shares the truth readily, grows stronger relationships with neighbors and helps us organize, when we need to, to protect this beautiful city. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than they do and above all, we get there together.
Camas Deserves Better than we have this moment. You can help fix that.
-The WATCH Camas Volunteers
(A group of your neighbors seeking a commitment, from Camas to its people.)

Media Inquiries: WatchCamas@gmail.com