A New WATCHED Website from WATCH Camas - City Council Public Comment Followup

Please take a moment to visit and bookmark our newest WATCHED Website at

On this new page, we'll track the questions and answers that the city presents through its new "City Council Public Comment Followup" web page.

The page is a needed concept, but the city hasn't yet provided the question authors or communicated a policy on editing answers with time, so WATCH Camas has provided for both of those, in one easy to access and regularly updated page for Camas to reference.

WATCHED Websites are built for our neighbors to have a reliably archived and clear record of the city's information without fear of an altered record. We started this work for our neighbors by archiving all city news released on the city of Camas’ home page and highlighting issues with the “more news” page. That work resulted in a redesign of the city's “more news” page within about a week of our posted story.

Recently we released a WATCHED Website for the city's roundabout project. You can read more about that in this featured story:

A Tale of TWO Websites

If you come across an odd, separated or subtly changing Camas city website that you think we should consider as a new WATCHED Website, please submit your request to