DON'T MISS THIS: City Claims Unnamed Personnel with COVID-19 "Expertise" as Construction Resumes

UPDATE: The city released information to a third location that has not shown up on the city's main update page to date. These are the "Contractor's Safety Plans" which are part of the justification for the city resuming this project. This link was located 3/4 of the way down the page on the city's second lake road website.

Only two weeks ago, the city said,

" In order to focus all efforts on fighting COVID-19, the City of Camas has put construction of the Lake-Everett Roundabout on hold. In two weeks, on April 15, the City will revisit the construction stoppage and decide how to proceed."

Then, at 10pm on a Wednesday evening, exactly two weeks after announcing the pause and without any public display of the "revisit" that the mayor alluded to, the city posted this update on the City of Camas home page announcing they would proceed with construction.

10pm is a highly unusual time for the city to post updates on the city's home page. Who is the city paying to do this work at 10pm?

The city also produced a downloadable press release that was only linked through their Twitter account and not available on the city's home page update linked above. Here is that press release for easy distribution.

Here's a previously featured story from WATCH Camas if you're just getting caught up on the progress of this evolving concern:

So, has the city convinced you that this roundabout is now essential work only two weeks after Mayor McDonnell said he believed that, "stopping all construction in Camas at this time is the right decision for everyone’s health and safety”?

Do you think resuming these construction projects now is worth the potential risk to workers and their families?

Do you think resuming these projects now is worth the potential strain on our healthcare workers?