DON'T MISS THIS! Councilor Ellen Burton seemed to realize she was up for re-election this week.

During the April 20th council meeting, while Camas silently released the news about a former mayor in legal trouble at 7:30 at night, Ellen Burton was the only person with a list of questions and comments in this, or any council meeting week in recent memory - None of those questions were about Paul Dennis suspected criminal activity or CWEDA of course, that story wasn't mentioned once by anyone during this meeting.

QUESTIONS ASKED! It's exciting at first blush, but citizens should remember to pause to consider the bigger picture when a city official steps outside of their established pattern.

One can't deny that hearing a councilor ask questions feels nice, especially in a vacuum of unanimous votes and silence during discussion periods, but be sure to pause and ask yourself what councilor Burton and others actually get done with these rare "courageous stands" as they begin the march for your vote in the next council election. Some questions to consider:

WATCH Camas would like to invite Councilor Burton to use this site for research. Most of our stories link out to official city/county documents and all sources are carefully fact checked. When you light up with scrutiny on a utility relief program for citizens that it turns out cost the city net zero, some may wonder if you're picking a fight with a pillow. The worthwhile fights for your constituents pack a little more of a punch.

Along with Ellen Burton in 2021, Steve Hogan and Melissa Smith are also up for re-election as well. Let's all #WATCHCamas in the coming year to see if these three "come to life" while the rest of the councilors, comfortable in their seats until 2023 as of now, continue to politely nod and raise their hands, proclaiming "no questions from me" while they unanimously vote on how to spend other people's money.

Please talk to your neighbors to keep the record straight. If that sounds like too much work, just tell them to come give us a visit on