DON'T MISS THIS: Seven City Updates in one day...

By our count, Camas set a local record with seven updates to the city's website in the span of several hours on Wednesday, April 1st. They discussed a range of topics in this updates (some with video), including the halt of all ongoing city construction projects and the fact that council will soon attempt it's first (in recent memory) virtual city council meeting this coming Monday, April 6th at 7pm - No agenda has been released for that meeting as of the publishing of this article.

With a lot going on in Camas and the larger world, we wanted to make sure you didn't miss a thing in your own backyard.

Here are those seven updates, in chronological order of release:

Construction of Lake-Everett Roundabout Set to Begin

Video Update: Mayor Discusses Financial Status and Capital Project Updates

City of Camas Moves Public Meetings Online

Video Update: Mayor Discusses City Council Meetings

Video Update: Construction Projects Paused

Video Update: Census 2020

Construction of Lake-Everett Roundabout on Hold

NOTE: The city's home page only displays the latest five news stories at a given time currently. With this many updates in rapid succession, again at a record setting pace, there were only a few hours that the first two articles posted yesterday were even visible as a result - one discussing the decision for the roundabout to move forward that morning and one about the city's current and near term financial status in detail. With the following day's new post clarifying ownership of Lacamas Park, the very crucial notification from yesterday about virtual council meetings has now been removed from the home page as well.

Web page real estate is essentially free, do you think the city should consider expanding it's home page news feed to show the TEN most recent news stories for the foreseeable future? This becomes an especially important choice by the city as vital COVID-19 news emerges every day. Would you like this changed so that nothing important gets missed by those neighbors that may only check the home page every few days?

If yes, WATCH Camas encourages our readers to contact Mayor Barry McDonnell at Tell him why you think this is needed, link to this article if you choose, and encourage him to direct staff to make this simple but meaningful change as soon as possible.