VIDEO: 3/16/20 - Camas City Council WORKSHOP Meeting (4:30pm)

For those in self-quarantine on behalf of their neighbors and not attending public gatherings like the council meetings as a social distancing measure, I'm providing video/audio of tonight's City Council meetings that went forward regardless of the COVID-19 threat and despite all other city board/commission meetings being cancelled, the schools being closed, the library being closed and restaurants being closed outside of takeout and delivery. Governor Inslee also restricted meetings of over 50 people today and I heard, but haven't confirmed, that the city of Vancouver canceled their council's workshop meeting.

This is the Camas City Council Workshop Meeting in it's entirety for your review. It was ready to post less than an hour after the meeting concluded and there is no reason the city couldn't do this themselves for those wondering why we wait weeks at a time for meeting video in some cases.

They discussed the roundabout project, a housing study, an air/blower motor replacement plan, woodburn elementary speed zone extension, an ask for a traffic study and recognition of an employee's 30 year anniversary with the city. Second to last on the agenda was a discussion on how they'll approach COVID in regards to city council meetings and ward meetings.

Mayor Barry, Melissa Smith and Jennifer Gorsuch were absent. Everyone stay safe.