TELL YOUR FRIENDS: Camas to hold its second remote City Council (Zoom) meeting on 4/20 @ 7pm

The city of Camas released information citizens need through two separate channels again this Thursday evening and again, past regular business hours.

The notice went out partially through Twitter, partially through Facebook and partially through the city's meeting portal - the announcement was not present on the city's homepage at all as of the publishing of this story. A standard "best practice" approach for an organization that wanted all readers to have the full story would be to post the main story in a centralized location without any restrictions to access (e.g. the city's public home page) and then link back to that core information in all social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and NextDoor.

The city has again chosen to tell some of the story in one place and some of it in another leading to confused citizens - some that may be left out of the loop entirely. WATCH Camas will continue to work to bring you the clearest presentation of the information in a single, easy to access location.

Here are the meeting agendas for download:

basic agenda

expanded agenda

Here is the link to join the meeting on Monday evening at 7pm:

If you'd like to dial in by phone, there is a more complicated process:

Dial 877-853-5257. Enter Webinar ID 93507714003, press #, and then press # again.

The city will again hold this meeting through the Zoom platform, which has now had it's use discouraged or has been outright banned for employee use by large companies like Google, government organizations like NASA and the US Senate and various Public Education Systems due to unaddressed security vulnerabilities impacting both meeting host and meeting attendee privacy.


From Facebook:

MON. APRIL 20 SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING ONLINE: As a follow-up to our April 1 post, when we shared that April Council meetings are moving online, here's what you need to know to participate through the online ZOOM application and/or by phone on April 20. Public Comment still accepted. Meeting materials provided at the end of these details. Virtual Special City Council Meeting Monday, April 20, 2020 – 7:00 PM (There will be no workshop meeting.) OPTION 1 – Join the virtual meeting from any device: 1. First-time ZOOM users, go to • To download the free ZOOM Cloud Meetings app for your device • Or, click the Join Meeting link in the top right corner and paste - 93507714003 2. From any device click the meeting link – 3. Enter your email and name, and then join webinar. 4. Wait for host to start the meeting. OPTION 2 – Join the virtual meeting from your phone (audio only): 1. Dial 877-853-5257. 2. Enter Webinar ID 93507714003 #, and then #.

From Twitter:

MON. APRIL 20 SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING ONLINE To join the meeting on ZOOM use the link: For more information on what you need to know to participate please visit: Public Comment still accepted.

The city attached this odd graphic with no explanation what the Governor Inslee reference alludes to?