TELL YOUR FRIENDS: Zoom Council Meeting Instructions

Camas now has a remote council meeting approaching quickly (This Monday on April 6th at 7pm if you missed the news) and our neighbors may need to study up a little on what that will mean in this new moment in the COVID-19 era.

As of the afternoon of Friday, April 3rd, the weekend before that Monday meeting, there is no remote council meeting guidance on the city’s homepage. On the spot discussing public meetings in general on the city’s COVID news website it only says,

“The Monday, April 6th regular meeting will be held digitally. More information on access to come.”

Again, that is on a Friday afternoon before a Monday meeting, and with a town including many elderly neighbors and those less willing or able to access computers. So much so that the city routinely states they need to send out paper mailers if they truly want to get something communicated, which is why they do so with all surveys, marketing related to the pool bond/roundabout/north shore and the recent COVID flyer.

As of this writing, the city has released no clear instructions or meaningful guidance for neighbors to download software, create accounts, test connections and prepare to have this meeting successfully. In fact the only link they’ve given in a update that was on the city’s home page for only a few hours on Wednesday April 1st, seems to anticipate difficulty with users logging on - that press release reads in part, “public comment could be submitted in writing to

As the city did not see fit to offer you that guidance… WATCH Camas will now provide it for you.

What is Zoom?

Zoom Signup page (Google and Facebook sign in available)

Zoom desktop app

Zoom mobile apps

Apple iPhone/iPad


Zoom test meeting (to make sure you can see hear and be heard)

How to join a meeting

In-meeting controls

Closed Captioning

Steps to follow

  1. Create an account

  2. If you entered an email, Zoom will send an activation email to that address. Go confirm.

  3. Build your profile

  4. Install apps on desktop or mobile devices

  5. Test your meeting to be sure you’re ready for Monday.

Here’s an even more detailed step by step should you need help. Also be aware of some large security issues with Zoom.

UPDATE: Thankfully, it seems the city has started to take notice of WATCH Camas. After the posting of this WATCH Camas article this afternoon, the city of Camas has now posted their own basic instructions. You can view below or download here.

All city documents linked in this article have been backed up on should they be removed, or should the meeting portal malfunction as has been reported recently

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